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The Harmonious Connection: Celebrating the Beauty of Dogs and Horses

In the tapestry of the natural world, few scenes are as heartwarming and majestic as the harmonious connection between dogs and horses. These creatures, each emblematic of strength and loyalty in their own right, share a bond that is both profound and beautiful. This blog explores the unique relationship between dogs and horses, celebrating their individual splendor and their remarkable companionship.

Pioneering Leadership through Echoing Wisdom: A Journey at ESR

Dive into the heart of innovative leadership with ESR's latest offering: Pioneering Leadership through Echoing Wisdom. Discover a unique oasis of learning where leadership emerges through silent dialogues with nature, guided by the wisdom of our equine companions. Our programs, enriched with themes of resilience, empathy, and sustainability, promise a transformative journey unlike any other.

Transformative Learning at RBS Hub: A Journey Beyond the Classroom

Dani our founder is now an alumni of the Royal Bank of Scotland Accelerator program delivered a workshop at the RBS Hub to embark on an extraordinary journey beyond traditional learning. Along with the talented Nina, they explored the transformative power of shared leadership inspired by the natural guidance of horses. The workshop dove into practical applications, uncovering 'blind spots' in conversations, and redefining engagement and decision-making. The growth and insights gained were profound, proving that true learning transcends the classroom. Stay tuned for more!

Gear Up for the Show Jumping Spectacle with ABRS+!

Dive into the heart of equestrian excellence with our latest blog post! We're thrilled to bring you all the details of our ongoing Winter Championship Show Jumping Tournament, a collaborative endeavor with ABRS+. As we gear up for the second of three exhilarating competitions this Saturday, join us in celebrating the spirit of competition, the promise of exceptional prizes, and the sheer joy of show jumping. Whether you're a participant, supporter, or equestrian enthusiast, this is an event you won't want to miss. Read on to discover what makes this tournament a must-experience for our equestrian community.

Reflecting on a Year of Growth and Recognition: Our 2023 Milestones

As we turn the page on 2023, we pause to reflect on a year that has been both transformative and enriching for our organization. It's been a period of remarkable achievements, notable recognitions, and significant strides toward our mission of fostering sustainability, inclusivity, and well-being. From joining esteemed alliances to being recognized as finalists in prestigious awards, each milestone represents a step forward in our journey. Join us as we look back on these accomplishments and express our heartfelt gratitude to our supportive community for being an integral part of this journey.

Community Consultation

Findings from our Democracy Matters Conversation

Look Into It - Festival

Family friendly, pay as you feel fun filled community wellness event.Through out the day their will be a bouncy castle , local traders selling handmade gifts & food options such as gluten free, homemade ice cream.

Our Crowdfunder

When Eat Sleep Ride was founded, it was with a vision to support the local community through equine and nature based interaction and particularly, to improve the lives of young people by providing opportunities.

Job Opportunity at ParentSpace

An exciting opportunity has arisen to join the team at ParentSpace as they re-structure the organisation to ensure they continue to meet ongoing demand and strategic direction

In The Spotlight

In The Spotlight with SES

Alternative Education

The importance of options in learning and how it can affect you

Community Learning Exchange

Last week, through organising with Senscot, we hosted our first-ever EFL based community learning exchange.

It's All Happening Outdoors

Work has been busy still over the past 4 weeks - with a range of volunteers from all ages and locations coming together

Jump Clinic

We still have spaces available for our David Gatherer Arena Eventing Clinic, being held on Thur 2nd June at our current site at Reston

Our Social Impact

It is important to both reflect on our past achievements and look towards our future goals.

9th-15th May 2022 - Mental Health Awareness Week

Today marks the launch of Mental Health Awareness Week, the UK’s national week to raise awareness of mental health.

Pingo Buses in Berwickshire

Pingo operates within the Berwickshire area and is perfect for joining up journeys, integrating with the existing transport network, and providing bus travel where a service doesn’t exist.

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