Funders & Associates

Eat Sleep Ride would not be where it was today if it wasn't for the ongoing support of our funders, mentors, foundations and partnerships. We are always grateful for any help and guidance as we strive to help and guide our own benefactors.


Thrice funded, the first pot of funding allowed us to surface our first ever arena which was vital for allowing us to be disability accessible. The next time around ensured training and qualifications to become EFL practitioners, and to run our first EFL Pilot and demonstrate the need for this service. Most recently, we are continuing on the accessibility theme and funding will support training mirrors, raised beds in the allotment and accessible pathways.

We are proud to be members of this charity, who visited us to truly understand who we are and what we offer. They awarded us funding to cover the costs for the build of a new therapy and sensory safe space, using lights and sound to support healing.

Our fantastic Youth Club and their ideas and vision for a biodiverse learning space that was something different, shaped the application for this fund, allowing us to build a nature pond and run workshops on not only the build but ongoing sessions on nature and wildlife.

This fund really brought our site to life and allowed us to connect with nature, and many passionate local creative individuals and businesses. This brought the expansion of our allotment with workshops for young people to learn about growing, finishing with a harvest festival to celebrate arts, community, environment and local produce.

An initiative brought in by the Scottish Government to respond to the rising mental health challenges of over 16s as a result of the pandemic. This wonderful fund has allowed us to develop our equine therapy, life coaching and volunteering programme as well as allowing us to hire a trauma counsellor to deliver in-person somatic healing.

A new funder for us, their community fund has allowed to provide outdoor learning and wellness workshops for isolated members of our rural community.

This fund was to celebrate 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II holding our throne, although we now mourn the loss of such a prominent figurehead in the support of equestrianism and the country. Without this fund, we could not have held such a wonderful and diverse open day.

Supporting us twice, in the first instance supporting 1 staff member and 3 volunteers to progress through coaching and equitation exams. It has also allowed support for young people through their ABRS stable management and equitation certificates. More recently they contributed to the planting of trees and hedgerows to support our carbon negative aims.

SSE have a real focus on renewable energy for Scotland. They funded our solar power installation, infrared heating system, sewage treatment tank and stepped in to assist with repairs after Storm Arwen removed half our barn.

SOSE is the new economic and community assistance agency for the South of Scotland,. They saw the value in our contribution to the local economy and were another key investor in Pastures New.

Another large funder and supporter of Pastures New. Their funding specifically supported us with the design and construction of our beauiful stables, connected our solar power, and contributed to our drainage and infrastructure.

This foundation through Turcan Connell, donated funds to support running costs at our new site, enabling us to provide more opportunities for education, and improving the environment and to support young people's physical and mental health.

Twice now this amazing initiative has supported us to buy and plant the many trees surrounding our eco friendly site with the community and young people on alternative education provision, this has helped improve biodiversity, create habitats, reduce carbon emissions and contribute to our natural ecosystem.

One of the many funders who helped make our move possible and the first funder who said yes, Sport Scotland assisted with capital to make Pastures New a possibility. They contributed to planning, construction, development and material costs. Without this we wouldn't have the stables, office and arena we have now.

Allowed us to develop this fantastic new website in conjunction with Platinum Graphics, and accessories such as digital camera and PIVO for our marketing and growth including our upcoming online shop.

Through our local community picking our cause at the till, our project was recognised and we shared our need for new equipment to support agility, games, and sensory support, benefitting not just riders but also those coming for non ridden sessions, team building and vounteering.

From humble beginnings, this allowed ESR a good chance with their start-up by match funding that contributed towards the arena build, quad bike and field shelter. The year after, they supported part funding towards a salary of a volunteer coordinator, ensuring volunteers were managed, safe, and happy.

The Orcome Trust show a real passion for learning and support for young people at a socioeconomic disadvantage. Their support allowed us to fund a young person with long term disability within the care system but lacking 1-1 support, access to attend fortnightly to train and complete a NCFE Project Outdoor Pursuits through Borders College on Stable Management.

ESR are very proud of our relationship with the University. They have supported us through micro grants and marketing placements for students to gain real life experience with small businesses. The first traunch of funding supported is in the launch, delivery and evaluation of our first non ridden Equine Assisted Development project. We worked in partnership with allied health professionals whilst training staff to faciliate future sessions, with 36 participants aged 8-70.

Fallago were key in supporting us through the Covid-19 pandemic and enabling us to deliver a range of online accreditations to our beneficiaries through the BHS Horse Health Challenge Awards and the ABRS Rosette Awards for our younger participants. It also enabled 40 volunteers to continue to engage in meaningful outdoor community actions through scheduled and supervised volunteering slots.

Thanks to ESR's amazing volunteer Fiona and her husband Kevin, their support for the project allowed them to showcase our work in the community to Torness Power Station, Unite the Union, who kindly donated funds to purchase a new set of Jump for Joy showjumps that still remain part of ESR to date. These have been invaluable in our regular lessons, events and clinics.

Leader allowed ESR to start and scale up their riding school. Funding supported the purchase of a quad bike and trailer helping us to manage the land effectively and increase our herd numbers, and wooden field shelter, as well as groundworks and arena surface suited for rehabilitation and disabled access. They also covered salaries to help manage projects and grow the ESR strategy. The original surface and field shelters (repurposed into windbreaks) still remain with ESR to date.

The BHA have been fundamental in supporting their tenants and local community. They supported us with match funding in the early set up stages and funded 6 tenants to join in activities for free over 4 weeks as well as an additional 8 local children and young people in our community. In addition they have supported our apprentice staff member with funding towards her BHS stage 2 complete exam. BHA continues to support us and their tenants through a range of wellbeing, educational, therapeutic and volunteering opportunities.

A first investor to support us with capital costs, that allowed us to get the new site build started, and continued to support us until completion on the 18th June. We were also lucky enough to steal a Kevin, who was Danielle's mentor, who is now a board member and always on hand to help with building a spreadsheet.

Provided the initial start up grant to create Eat Sleep Ride, supported us with our governing documents, business plan, ideas and helped make them all into reality. They have continued to support us through the Build It fund which covered core salary costs for a year enabling us to expand. We worked through the Scale It fund, supporting us through initial planning and support costs for ESR. We are grateful to continue working with Firstport, bringing many networking and funding opportunities.

Foundation Scotladn have been a distributor of a range of funds, supporting us through covid with providing educational activties, supporting young people to gain real life experience and employment skills. In conjunction with Baillie Gifford, this allowed us to plant more trees to support our environment.

Key players in providing small pockets to provide towards training for staff and volunteers through the BHS Ride Out, and provided funding towards wellbeing workshops and most recently, nature and growing workshops.

SBC have supported us through their many sectors including health and social care, employability agreements, locality and earea partnership funding. This funding has created jobs, provided training, sports and wellbeing activities and most recently supporting us to expand our chemical free garden.

SIS originally assisted with supporting costs for an ecology survey of our new site. Their most recent transition investment opportunity has allowed us to keep our site carbon negative from our membrane and arena to our solar powered off grid infrastructure.

We were so privileged to win Social Entrepeneur of the Year in 2020. The grant and loan investment helped us secure much needed staffing posts that were required to grow ESR's brand, devise processes and procedures, and HR

An intermediary body for Youth Organisations across Scotland and the Borders. They provide support, networking opportunities, guidance, funding, training and accreditations all relating to anything youth.


Founded in 1954, The Association of British Riding Schools, Livery Yards and Equestrian Centres is a registered charity and the UK’s only organisation that focuses solely on supporting, representing and promoting professional proprietors of equestrian premises. Their guidance, training, resources and support are invaluable.

BAVS is an independent voluntary organisation, established in 1972 to support, inform, represent and provide services to the community and voluntary groups in the Berwickshire area. They supported Berwickshire with the formation of a new alliance within the third sector and are passionate about positive change in mental health, young people and climate action and showcasing what we do.

They exist to protect and promote the interests of every horse and support every rider, horse owner, carriage driver, those who work in the equestrian community and everyone who simply has an interest in the wellbeing of equines. Their network of professional coaches, examination opportunities, and support for equestrian rights of access is invaluable in the work we do.

The Circle is an award winning 'More Than Profit' organisation that supports businesses to make a difference to communities. They provide affordable consultancy, training and workspaces, within an inclusive and friendly environment. Recently our founder graduated from their academy programme to help with the scale up of ESR, the workshops and training opportunities provided a huge drive to inspired change and build a supportive network.

All of the activities provided by Equi-Scotia CIC aim to improve the mental health of participants in a way that also ensures that the well-being of the horses contributing to the process is safeguarded. Equi-Scotia provided training to Danielle to become an EFL Practitioner and continue to provide valuable CPD opportunities.