Who We Are

Our mission is to become a community anchor that supports people on their journey to wellness and abundance through high-quality interactive equine, countryside and enterprising initiatives whilst instilling our zero environmental impact ambitions.

Our vision is to provide educational, therapeutic and community engagement initiatives to disadvantaged children, families, and individuals from largely rural dispersed communities. Our beneficiaries are highly vulnerable people including excluded/SEN young people with trauma, isolated adults, and people with mental health issues.

ESR operates in 2 markets: one for our services providing therapeutic activities, the other providing a commercial sport and carbon-negative venue. Our commercial aspect provides employment and contributes to the economy while generating income that supports the financial viability of our social enterprise.

Our values underpin the work of Eat Sleep Ride and they help us to ensure we provide the best possible outcome for all who engage with us:


we accept people for who they are, regardless of difference.


we see education as key to improving society and building better futures for us all.


inspiration motivates us all and awakens us to new opportunities.


we help, encourage and care for those we engage with.


self-care and care for others is paramount to us.

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What We Do

We offer 5 broad-ranging facilities:

  • Equine therapy, equine facilitated learning and various non-equine therapy programmes including trauma counselling.

  • Environmental, nature, equine and countryside learning including accreditations and certification.

  • Workshops on growth mindset, coaching, boundaries, coping strategies, trust, self-reflective practice, leadership & communication and emotional intelligence.

  • Training & green space hire for corporates, businesses, managers, other partners and community groups.

  • Arts and crafts, creative skills, enterprise and a holistic approach to education.

Eat Sleep Ride is the only organisation within a 50-mile radius to offer such an extensive range of social and professional development services.

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Why We Do It

At Eat Sleep Ride, we are motivated and driven by the impact of our activities and interventions. It’s the positive change we can see in people’s lives and all around us that is the most valuable and valued part of our work. So many people do not get the opportunity to thrive and make a difference to the environment around them, and we are proud to facilitate that change.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one most adaptable to change.”
ESR Testimonial

"We are very grateful to all of our partners, investors and funders; who have helped support us with our projects financially as well as with the growth and development of our people, services and facilities."

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