Who We Are

Eat Sleep Ride is a vibrant community facility nestled on a solar-powered farm in East Berwickshire, along the picturesque south-south coastline of the Scottish Borders. Our mission is deeply rooted in harnessing the serene power of nature and the intuitive wisdom of our 18-strong herd of horses to foster therapeutic, educational, and professional growth.

At the heart of our ethos is a commitment to community cohesion, providing a sanctuary where experiential learning flourishes, empowering individuals and fortifying resilience.

Inspired by the natural leadership observed in our horses and the principles of biomimicry, we offer unique insights into shared leadership, teaching the art of attentive presence, clear direction-setting, energy understanding, and congruent behavior. This approach not only mirrors the harmonious dynamics within a horse herd but also translates into valuable life lessons for our community.

Our endeavours are supported by diverse commercial revenue streams, ensuring that Eat Sleep Ride continues to be a beacon of positive change and sustainable living.

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What We Do

Eat Sleep Ride is a dynamic social enterprise dedicated to enriching lives through a wide array of equestrian and community services. Our offerings cater to a diverse audience, ranging from equestrian enthusiasts to professionals, and extend to the broader community seeking personal growth and development.

For equestrian aficionados, we provide comprehensive written tuition, immersive experience days, and a variety of events and clinics designed to enhance riding skills. Our facilities are available for shows, arena hire, and we offer full livery services, along with specialised services such as clipping, horse training, and rehabilitation.

Professionals in the riding community can benefit from tailored riding lessons, engaging pony days, and exclusive packages accredited by the British Horse Society and the Association of British Riding Schools.

At the heart of our mission is community engagement and support. Our extensive volunteering program and alternative education provision leverage Youth Awards, enabling individuals to earn valuable credits for further education.

We host community events with a focus on wellbeing and climate action, offering skills workshops that adapt to emerging opportunities.

Our venue serves as a versatile space for hire, catering to a range of events and gatherings. In the corporate realm, we offer leadership and training packages, which can be complemented with services from our network of wellbeing and holistic practitioners, creating a holistic approach to personal and professional development.

Additionally, we provide a dedicated therapy service, further underscoring our commitment to the mental and emotional wellbeing of our community.

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Why We Do It

At the core of Eat Sleep Ride's mission is a profound commitment to empowering the next generation. We believe that investing in the development and well-being of children and young people is crucial for fostering the change we wish to see in the world. Our aim is not just to nurture their potential but to instill a deep-seated respect and care for our social, political, and environmental landscape, guiding them to contribute positively and avoid further harm.

Building strong connections and resilience within our community is foundational to our work. We strive to create an environment where individuals feel empowered to make a meaningful difference, not just in their own lives but in the wider world.

The impact of our interventions is what drives us; witnessing the positive transformation in individuals and communities reaffirms the value and significance of our efforts.

Our facility serves as a sanctuary where people of all ages can thrive. It's a place where they can feel safe, find peace, and foster a sense of belonging. This haven allows for personal growth and environmental stewardship, encouraging everyone who comes through our doors to make a positive imprint on the world.

While the scope of our mission may seem vast, it's the tangible, small steps taken by individuals within our community that collectively lead to significant change. Our focus remains on nurturing these individual journeys, making the seemingly "big" aspirations achievable through concerted effort and shared vision.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one most adaptable to change.”

Services & Projects

Licenced Riding School & Trekking Centre. ABRS approved. BHS approved Instructors. Trauma Informed Trust members. Real Living Wage Employers. HEIR registered.

ESR Testimonial

"We are very grateful to all of our partners, investors and funders; who have helped support us with our projects financially as well as with the growth and development of our people, services and facilities."

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