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We pride ourselves on our ability to bring the best out in horse and rider, whether it is to give them the best start they can have in life, or to help them recover from physical or mental trauma. We use a variety of holistic and sympathetic methods to bring on our horses, believing that our values ‘Respect, Educate, Inspire, Nurture’ are equally as relevant in how we treat our equine partners.

For the horse owner, we can offer bespoke livery packages, including holiday, DIY, part, full and working, and have the choice of full grass or part stabling.

Livery also includes behavioural training, rehab, starting the young horse, schooling or sales livery; as we appreciate that the time and space needed for these activities is a luxury that not all of us can have and we look forward to working with your four-legged friends.

To enquire about costs, please get in touch via email or phone.

From little to large and young to old, we have a huge experience in dealing with young horses as well as ‘tricky’ horses using bespoke ethical approaches.

Young horses require patience, and we will tailor any training or backing to them as an individual, as a horse started correctly and sympathetically will have a longer and happier ridden career. We spend time on the ground, building confidence and working on a horse that is straight, balanced and supple before we start to think about riders. This then brings a more well-rounded ridden youngster, who we will introduce to many experiences and tasks to further develop their brain, body and rideability.

For a horse displaying a physical or behavioural issue, we will always start with an assessment of movement and behaviour in the stable, worked on the ground and then ridden, using behavioural ethograms. From here, we can liaise with yourself as the owner, as well as our physio, bodyworkers, aromatherapy, farrier, dentist, vet and trainers to build a tailored rehabilitation plan that has your horse’s best long-term interests in mind. We will keep notes on your horse’s sessions and can share the skills we use in order for you to continue with your horse’s development. These cases take a lot of patience and empathy, and we pride ourselves on a holistic approach, as every horse is an individual and what works for one will not work for the rest.

To enquire about costs, please get in touch via email or phone.

Often a least favourite winter job, we are happy to offer ourselves and our clipping services. We also have experience with clipping for skin conditions where horses may be more sensitive and need some time spent with them.

You can bring your horse to us, or we are happy to travel out if your horse requires sedation and the comfort of a home environment.

To enquire about costs, please get in touch via email or phone.

As well as keeping an eye out for our visiting specialist instructors, you can also bring your horse to us for a group or private session from Monday-Saturday, including evenings. All ages and abilities of both horse and human welcome.

Our coaches are all BHS qualified, and sessions can include groundwork, rider balance and breathing, scales of training and suppleness, lunging, flatwork, trick training, liberty, showjumping, cross country, lateral work, TREC and gymkhana games. We are happy to help you further your learning, work towards a specific goal or just be an extra pair of eyes on the ground for continued feedback.

Parking available for both horse boxes and trailers, as well as some well practiced hands at trailer reversing if required.

Our facilities on site include our outdoor 40x30m arena and our garden with obstacles to increase proprioception, with steps, bridges, hills and banks. For use in our main arena, we have a range of Jump for Joy show jumps, cross country fences, arena eventing fences, dressage markers, games, polocrosse, TREC, and sensory equipment.

Our hacking is varied, as we are lucky to have both quiet country roads as well as open fields and moorland, allowing you to enjoy views over the Lammermuir Hills and Berwickshire coastline, as well as venturing out further to local farms. Depending on the time of year, we can also access stubble fields and higher hills if the ground is dry.

To see our latest clinics, competitions, and extras - check our events, and social media or get in touch to see what is coming up.

A First Horse Guide

“I can relax when I’m not there knowing he’s getting the highest standard of care. Being a baby horse and a first-time owner, I need help from the experts to train him and to improve my own riding. I feel like we’ve both got a wrap-around care package at the yard.”