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We offer a bespoke suite of equestrian services, including private and group lessons, engaging pony days, comprehensive groundwork and stable management sessions, serene hacking, and scenic trekking adventures. Additionally, we host a variety of clinics led by esteemed in-house and guest coaches to enrich your learning experience.

Our mission is to deliver personalized equestrian experiences through straightforward and ethical training methods. We are dedicated to fostering a harmonious partnership between horse and rider, helping each pair reach their full potential with grace and excellence.

Equine activities to suit everyone

At ESR, we provide a structured and enriching equestrian education for individuals aged 4 and above, with a diverse range of lesson types including private, semi-private, and group formats. For newcomers, we initiate your journey with an assessment lesson, allowing our coaches to understand your skills and aspirations, thereby crafting a tailored progression plan.

Our coaching team boasts BHS qualifications, ensuring expert guidance across all skill levels. Our comprehensive curriculum encompasses a wide array of disciplines such as groundwork, lunging, flatwork, trick training, showjumping, cross-country, lateral work, TREC, polocrosse, and gymkhana games. Our extensive collection of horses and ponies is adept at facilitating a broad learning experience.

At the core of ESR is a deep commitment to equine welfare and stable management, paralleling their importance with riding skills. We advocate for a respectful and empathetic bond between horse and rider, viewing our horses as esteemed partners in the equestrian journey.

For those aspiring to formalize their skills, we offer accredited courses in equitation and stable management through BHS and ABRS. These courses cover critical topics such as horse care, safety protocols, and riding techniques, from basic mounting to advanced lateral movements.

For our youngest enthusiasts under 4 years, special meet-and-greet sessions are available to gently introduce them to the equestrian world.

Please note our riding activities adhere to a 13-stone weight limit to ensure the well-being of our horses.

We also provide funding opportunities for eligible individuals based on age, location, and socioeconomic factors, aiming to make equestrian sports accessible to a wider community.

Our hacking experiences offer a tapestry of landscapes, from serene country roads to expansive fields and moorlands, providing breathtaking panoramas of the Lammermuir Hills and the Berwickshire coastline.

For novices or those building their confidence, we offer a gentle 30-minute amble along our tranquil lanes. If you're ready to explore further, we extend the adventure into picturesque farmland, where a trot and canter amidst nature's beauty await.

For our seasoned adult riders yearning for an adventurous throwback to their youth, we're ideally positioned near a selection of beaches. Our horses, eager for a spirited gallop and playful frolic in the waves, are perfect companions for those dreamy beach rides or explorations to a locale of your choosing.

However, it's important to note that beach rides are reserved for those comfortable with walk, trot, canter, and gallop in open areas, as our horses revel in the freedom of the expansive 7-mile stretch at John Muir.

Our sessions are meticulously crafted to cater to a wide array of participants, including individuals facing challenges, neurodiverse groups, businesses, schools, clubs, and organisations of all kinds. Each session is customised to align with the specific goals and needs of the clinic, whether it's for coaching, therapy, personal development, or team-building purposes.

With the guidance of our horses and practitioners, participants engage in mindfulness, sensory exploration, and self-care practices that not only foster presence in the moment but also enhance communication skills, teamwork, and the establishment of healthy boundaries in a supportive and enjoyable outdoor setting.

Our horses, being naturally non-judgmental prey animals, offer a unique and empathetic interaction. They have a remarkable ability to connect on a deeper level, seeing beyond the surface and allowing individuals and groups the freedom to be their true selves in a safe and accepting environment. These sessions are designed to be inclusive, offering meaningful and transformative experiences tailored to the individual or group, regardless of their background or challenges.

Embark on a unique adventure with us, where no prior riding experience is needed! Gather a group of at least four enthusiasts, suitable for participants of all ages, and dive into a day filled with festive games and races, both mounted and unmounted. Our venue provides the perfect backdrop for a delightful gathering, complete with ample space for lunch, music, and free-spirited playtime.

Our arsenal of games equipment, creative colouring activities, and an assortment of craft supplies promise endless fun and engagement. Before setting off on their equestrian journey, riders will have the opportunity to form a genuine bond with their horse, gaining insights into horse care through hands-on grooming and preparation sessions with their pony.

We're more than excited to collaborate with you to craft the tailor-made celebration you envision. Each of our party packages is custom-designed to ensure your event is as unique as you are, so we encourage you to reach out to discuss your vision, preferred dates, and any specific details or pricing inquiries.

For grander affairs, we kindly request that you get in touch early, allowing us ample time to meticulously plan and coordinate our resources and staff to bring your spectacular event to life.

During the holiday seasons, we delight in offering both half-day and full-day Pony Camps that cater to enthusiasts of all ages. These camps are an immersive equestrian experience, encompassing not only riding and stable management lessons but also a variety of engaging games, collaborative teamwork exercises, and age-appropriate sessions on self-care, ensuring a well-rounded and enriching experience for all participants.

In addition to our camps, we take pride in organising a vibrant array of seasonal events and specialized clinics. These gatherings are led by both our talented in-house instructors and distinguished guest experts, covering a diverse range of equestrian disciplines such as showing, classical dressage, show jumping, TREC, and the art of liberty. These events provide a wonderful opportunity for growth, learning, and community engagement within the equestrian world.

Moreover, we actively participate in external events, bringing our expertise and passion for equestrian sports to a wider audience. Whether you're interested in showcasing your skills, learning new techniques, or simply enjoying the camaraderie of fellow equestrian enthusiasts, there's something for everyone.

To stay updated on our latest clinics, pony days, competitions, and other events, we encourage you to frequently check our event listings and social media channels. Alternatively, feel free to reach out directly to discover what exciting opportunities are on the horizon. We're always here to help you find the perfect equestrian adventure!

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“We first went here when we were on holiday in Eyemouth. We had 6 children, all beginners and Dani not only accommodated us but made it the most wonderful and joyful experience. It was so wonderful that we have been travelling from Edinburgh for lessons ever since. It is my son's happy place. Since he has ASD it is so amazing to find a place as special as this where he feels at home.”