Our Journey

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Eat Sleep Ride's journey began in 2017 with a single pony and a rented barn, fuelled by a mission to make equine experiences accessible to children and families from low-income backgrounds. However, as we evolved, our vision expanded far beyond initial expectations. We became a catalyst for community cohesion, offering a sanctuary where individuals could integrate socially, ignite their passion for learning, develop empathy, and embrace the discipline of daily commitment in all weather conditions, all while being part of a supportive team.

Our aspirations and achievements led us to an exciting milestone in 2022 when we embarked on a transformative project at "Pastures New." We took on the challenge of rejuvenating a reclaimed waste site, removing 3.5 arctic lorries worth of rubbish and 900 bags of ragwort. Our efforts were focused on harmoniously integrating with the natural environment, which involved constructing a road, installing solar power, erecting buildings, and establishing recycling facilities, alongside an arena. This was not just about creating a new space but about crafting an ecosystem where nature thrives and we learn to coexist respectfully.

Our journey, marked by continuous growth and development, has been recognised through numerous accolades. We've been honoured with nominations for social entrepreneurship awards and our fundraising efforts have been spotlighted in prestigious platforms like the Scottish Edge. These acknowledgments reflect not just our commitment to our cause but also the impact of our work on the community and the environment.

As we look back on our journey, it's clear that Eat Sleep Ride has evolved from a simple idea into a beacon of hope, resilience, and positive change. Our story is far from over; it's a testament to what can be achieved with passion, dedication, and a community united by a common goal.

Our values

Our values underpin the work of Eat Sleep Ride and they help us to ensure we provide the best possible outcome for all who engage with us:


we accept people for who they are, regardless of difference.


we see education as key to improving society and building better futures for us all.


inspiration motivates us all and awakens us to new opportunities.


we help, encourage and care for those we engage with.


self-care and care for others is paramount to us.

At the heart of our motivation at Eat Sleep Ride is the profound and multifaceted connection we share with horses. These magnificent creatures serve not only in the realm of commercial sport but embody a deeper, more intrinsic value. Horses, by their very nature, act as sentinels, intuitive beings that reflect the emotions and energies around them, offering a unique form of companionship and insight. This profound bond and the sheer joy derived from human-equine interactions have propelled us to expand our services, diversify our income streams, and ultimately, extend our support to a broader spectrum of individuals.

A significant portion of our beneficiaries, about 80%, have faced multiple adverse experiences during childhood. This stark reality has sharpened our focus on not just aiding the individual but fostering a supportive environment for entire families. We've recognised that for lasting change and healing to occur, the support system extending beyond our yard is crucial. It's about creating a continuum of care that nurtures growth and healing in all facets of our beneficiaries' lives.

Moreover, we've embraced a broader understanding of therapy. Beyond the conventional clinical settings, we've witnessed the therapeutic power of simply being with horses. For many, the opportunity to connect with these gentle giants offers a form of solace and understanding that traditional therapy cannot replicate. It's about providing a safe space where individuals can open up, share, and find comfort in the non-judgmental presence of our equine partners.

Our journey has underscored the importance of preventive strategies and the transformative role of empathy. We've learned that by fostering empathetic connections, not only among our human participants but between humans and horses, we're able to address the root causes of many challenges our beneficiaries face. This empathetic approach is the cornerstone of our mission, guiding our efforts to heal, empower, and inspire change within the community and beyond.

We are passionate about enabling positive behaviour changes and raising aspirations. Our 5 strategic outcomes for achieving social and environmental change

1. People have improved physical & mental health and wellbeing with improved connection to their community.

2. People have developed strong coping strategies equipping them to live healthier, happier fulfilled lives with stronger relationships.

3. People have access to our life-enhancing therapeutic equine and countryside-based activities

4. Young people have improved employability skills and increased employment opportunities.

5. To reduce our impact on the environment by working towards achieving a net zero facility and sharing our learning

To support our children and young people, we have developed a theory of change model which will support us in delivering against these outcomes and ensure that we continue to create the positive social impact that is so important to us.

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