Alternative Education

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How does your brain work?

We talk about different learning styles, and different personality styles and different strengths and weaknesses, but why do we never talk about a different approach? Sometimes it doesn't matter if you try and write, listen, do or watch, your brain just feels like it's on a different wavelength to everyone else.

This can lead to the learning environment becoming oppressive, removing the joy of learning and bringing anxiety, dread and avoidance.

Rather than pushing people to conform to the normal approach and styles, we should be welcoming their differences and what new ideas can be brought, and help them engage in a way that is effective and impact full.

Alternative education provision can benefit all, to gain skills, build friendships and discover an interest in learning and perusing a goal, which is why we are so proud to offer what we do here at ESR.

Joey's brain works differently too, having never had the stress of a unpleasant learning environment, he takes lots of pleasure in playing and exploring in his own learning!