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Everyone at ESR is a student of nature.

What we have learned from nature has had a revolutionary impact on how we help one another, how we provide for our communities, and how we teach our courses. In our organisational offerings, we would love to share with you and your team members how your organisation can also become greener, healthier and wealthier.

The concept of wellbeing comprises of two main elements: feeling good and functioning well.

What we offer...

ESR’s certified staff will guide your group on a journey that will challenge the individual member’s preconceptions about traditional working environments through a series of discussions and activities.

The goal of these activities & discussions is to break down archaic traditions and mindsets that were once believed to increase productivity in the workplace that are now known to be detrimental to both employees and to the businesses themselves. Once the group has come to understand why there must be a change, our staff will help the group unite behind a set of common virtues thus creating a cohesive, productive, and healthy team.

Sessions are one 1-hour minimum and can also be run as half or full-day events and can tie in other activities including yoga, crafts, bushcraft skills and more.

No prior horse experience required!

We can also provide training, separately or as part of a full day, weekend, or block session, which covers a range of topics such as

  • Growth mindset and emotional intelligence.

  • Coaching and self-reflective practice

  • Boundaries and trust

  • Coping strategies

  • Leadership & communication

Building Stable Relationships - PDF of equine assisted coaching information

Clients typically come to us with self-esteem issues, a product of the challenges they face, and of the way their lives have evolved as consequence. Interacting with and being present with the horses takes the individual to another place, away from the feelings of judgement and stigma. The effects can be transformational in enabling them to take control of their lives. Our goal is to enable you to recognise your own skills and talents.

We combine horse-centred activities with open dialogue to help you develop self-awareness, and identify your own gifts and desires. We use that to work with you. We listen, find ways to communicate, and tailor our approach.

The sessions offer a conversation, response and reflective feedback which enables you to communicate with the horse in a way that the horse understands, through body language, energy and movement.

When we are working with the horses we become aware of “how others see us”. Horses respond to the energy and environment around them which makes them masters at identifying and reflecting the parts of us we don't know about or deny.

It works: we have seen our clients grow in confidence and take on greater responsibilities and control over their own lives. This gives them the opportunity to choose life paths that reflect their self-identified talents and ambitions.

These sessions are delivered by qualified allied health professionals, trauma-informed practitioners and counsellors.

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Our organization offers a comprehensive range of professional development services, designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive across every sector.

Through our equine-assisted approach, participants not only gain a deeper understanding of their individual roles but also learn to harness the power of collaborative decision-making, communication, and trust-building. Our programs create an immersive learning environment, where participants engage with horses to develop key leadership skills, emotional intelligence, and adaptability, all of which are vital in the modern landscape.

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“I want to say that horses inspire me and can help you through the really tough times and things that you may struggle with. One of the things that helped me was that horses can’t judge you on the way you look or the way you go around things. A horse is an animal with a mind of its own, much the same as me or you, so if you have confidence in yourself and your horse, you can get through anything by pushing through the mistakes you make, every time you fall get back up and have the determination to try and try again no matter how long it takes.”