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Our clients, often facing self-esteem issues from life's hurdles like education and employment challenges, find solace with our horses. This interaction offers a judgment-free zone, helping them find peace and regain self-worth. Our goal is to help individuals recognize their unique strengths, embarking on a journey of self-discovery and confidence. We focus on four key areas: Health & Wellbeing, Community, Animals, and Environmental Sustainability, all aimed at building social and emotional skills.

Our Social Framework

At the core of our mission is the promotion of health and well-being through a holistic approach that intertwines physical, mental, and community wellness. To this end, we are excited to host community events that not only offer enriching experiences with our equine partners but also extend into wellness practices such as yoga, nutritional workshops, and sessions dedicated to the art of mindful breathing. These gatherings are designed to foster a deeper connection with oneself and the community, enhancing overall well-being.

In addition to these wellness-focused events, our centre provides a comprehensive suite of programs aimed at personal and professional development. Our employability and training initiatives, volunteering opportunities, and alternative education offerings are crafted to harness the therapeutic benefits of our natural surroundings, supported by our professional team's diverse skill set. From work-based assessments to outdoor adventures and practical construction projects, we facilitate a learning environment that nurtures growth, communication, and confidence.

Recognising that true skill development is intertwined with self-esteem and self-belief, we offer a variety of non-ridden activities suitable for all ages. Our Animal Assisted Intervention sessions utilise the grounding presence of our horses to teach mindfulness, sensory engagement, and self-care strategies, helping individuals find peace and manage daily life more effectively.

By integrating these diverse offerings, we aim to create a supportive, enriching environment that promotes holistic well-being and empowers individuals to thrive within their communities.

At the heart of our community-oriented approach, our site stands as a vibrant hub where connections are nurtured, creativity flourishes, and local engagement is paramount. Our volunteer program is designed to welcome individuals from all walks of life, regardless of equine experience, and offers a spectrum of activities that extend beyond horse care to include community-enhancing projects such as construction, gardening, and artistic endeavors.

We deeply value the contributions of our volunteers and, in gratitude, offer a rich tapestry of opportunities for personal and professional growth, including peer mentorship and essential training in areas like first aid. This exchange fosters a strong sense of community spirit and collective achievement.

To further combat isolation and unleash creative energies within our community, we host the 'You and Your Future' Youth Club. This monthly event, tailored for individuals aged 8-18, delves into important topics such as environmental awareness, civic responsibility, self-care, and the art of social interaction. It's more than just a club; it's a launching pad for young members to explore volunteerism, empowering them to make a positive impact within their community.

Integral to our gatherings is the sharing of meals, thoughtfully prepared by local small businesses, highlighting our dedication to supporting and uplifting the local economy. Through these initiatives, we aspire to weave a stronger, more interconnected community fabric, where every member feels valued, inspired, and empowered to contribute to the collective well-being.

At the core of our ethos lies a profound commitment to animal welfare, shaping every interaction within our community to ensure the horses in our care flourish both mentally and physically. Our approach is rooted in a deep respect for the intrinsic value of each horse, recognizing their right to express themselves and have their needs and preferences acknowledged.

We prioritise creating an environment where horses are not merely participants but active contributors to the dynamic of our yard. This involves offering them choices and respecting their decisions, thereby fostering a space where their natural behaviors and preferences guide our interactions. By observing and learning from the herd dynamics, we gain invaluable insights into equine communication and well-being.

Our educational initiatives are designed to illuminate the importance of holistic horse care, emphasizing that the well-being of our horses is integral to the equestrian experience. We advocate for methods that honour the horse's nature, utilizing holistic and empathetic approaches that resonate with our core values of Respect, Educate, Inspire, and Nurture.

Through this thoughtful stewardship, we aim not only to provide exceptional care for our horses but also to inspire our clients to adopt a more mindful and informed approach to equine partnership. In doing so, we share the unique stories of our horses, enriching the human-equine bond and elevating the collective understanding of horse husbandry within our community.

Our vision is to transform our space into a beacon of sustainability and environmental stewardship, embodying the principles of the circular economy, and continuous innovation in eco-friendly practices. At the heart of our operations lies a commitment to harnessing renewable energy, with our entire facility powered by solar panels, reflecting our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting renewable energy solutions.

In our quest for sustainability, we adopt a rigorous approach to recycling and reusing materials, prioritizing purchases from small-scale, eco-conscious businesses that align with our environmental ethos. Our commitment extends to waste management, where we've implemented an advanced sewage treatment system, minimizing our impact on the natural world.

Our volunteer initiatives epitomizes our commitment to ecological construction and community engagement. With over 900 hours contributed yearly by volunteers and staff, we've focused on utilising reclaimed wood, recycled materials, and natural insulation in our construction projects, showcasing our dedication to sustainable building practices.

The next step in our journey is the development of an expansive sensory garden, envisioned not only as a haven for learning and personal growth but also as a valuable, freely accessible community resource. This project is designed to foster a deeper connection with nature, encouraging community members to engage with and learn from the environment.

While we acknowledge the challenges of ethical consumption within the confines of capitalism, we remain steadfast in our belief that collective action and mindful choices can pave the way towards a more sustainable future for all. Through our initiatives, we aspire to inspire and empower our community to embrace eco-friendly practices, contributing to the well-being of our planet and future generations.

Theory of Change

Our theory of change model - how we make a difference to our community and our benefactors

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Depending on the funding available, we offer a range of free spaces for training and courses for children, young people, families and volunteers. Referrals from parents, schools, local councils, social workers and NHS can be taken, please contact us via email or phone.

“There’s something very peaceful about being present with kids, with no pressures or expectations on anyone. Just facilitating them being themselves, which in this world must be very difficult.”