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Eat, Sleep, Ride CIC is a social enterprise - we are more than profit; we are passionate about creating social change. Our clients face multiple complex barriers that prevent them from making positive progress in their lives. We offer support by working alongside partners, supporters, funders and investors to design and implement our ideas and projects; to help our community achieve new skills, improve health and wellbeing and inspire people to reach their full potential.

Our social framework sits under the banner of Eat, Sleep, Achieve and has 4 main pillars;

Health and Wellbeing



Carbon Neutral and Sustainability

Our Social Framework

We offer various programs and workshops delivered in our fields, yurt, sensory garden and soon our light and music therapy room, designed to support you to learn, communicate or become more confident thanks to our extensive team and the non-horsey skills they bring such as construction, tree planting and fire building.

We believe you cannot build life skills without building confidence and self-belief. We have a selection of offerings that can be tailored to all ages including;

Equine Facilitated Learning Therapy and Equine Assisted Development involve working on the ground, with the patience of the horses and our practitioner to guide you, use mindfulness, sensory and self-care techniques to develop your inner calm, stay present and manage your day-to-day. It can also help you learn to create healthy boundaries for yourself. Horses are prey animals that don’t judge you, but mirror your state, the calmer you are; the calmer the horse is.

Our skills workshops are run by professionals from a wide range of non-equine industries, leading to a range of skills-building sessions in various subjects ranging from Politics in Our Life, Project Management, Budgeting and Business Architecture to Gardening, Planting and Bushcraft skills.

Working with our Equine Facilitated Learning Practitioner and counsellor, we can create a tailored programme of resilience, goal planning and self-care sessions, incorporating worksheets, practical strategies and sensory tools.

We can offer youth accreditation as an alternative education provision through SQA accredited awards such as Hi5, Dynamic Youth, and Youth Achievement Awards.

Work experience is available for those wishing to expand their options and who also may be struggling in full-time or mainstream education. We can also offer support with completing National 5 English and Maths qualifications if supplied with content and can provide evidence from any work done onsite.

Rein or Shine is our in-house volunteering program, applicable to all ages, with no previous equine experience needed. In fact, there are opportunities for volunteering that don’t require you to work with horses - you can also work on other practical tasks with building, fencing, gardening, growing and painting. Through volunteering, there are opportunities to build up your hours and goals to work towards Saltire Awards and Accredited Youth Awards.

We greatly appreciate volunteers and the support they offer us, so in return, we can provide opportunities, training and guidance for further training including first aid, PVGs, and skills building.

We hold a monthly free Youth Club titled ‘You and Your Future’, which is aimed towards ages 8-18 and encourages them to think about our environment, politics, self-care and social and peer interactions. This runs on the first Saturday of every month from 1-3 pm and does have the opportunity to expand into volunteering.

For group or corporate sessions, we can use our wonderful team and site to develop team-building and communication skills, whilst trying something new and more exciting than the traditional ice breakers. Our activity days include blended elements of teamwork, recognition, empathy, communication and reward. Learn how your body language communicates to the horse, play games as a team and have fun in the fresh air. Lunch options can also be provided by local small businesses.

Animal welfare is the driving force behind every interaction between horse and human in our yard - we strive to keep them mentally and physically thriving, and educate all our clients on all aspects of horse husbandry and their importance for a well-rounded experience. There would be no horse to ride without this all-important care. We believe every horse has value and a right to be heard, and we aim to share their stories.

We can provide assessing, coaching, training, certification and accreditation for those wishing to pursue a role in the equine industry. These options can include ridden sessions, instructor training, rehabilitation and holistic sessions such as liberty and stable management skills, following the format of BHS stable management up to Stage 4 as well as TRSS and ABRS programmes such as your ride leader or certificate in coaching. We can also offer SVQ training through Borders College and occasionally have apprenticeship positions through Oatridge as well as support and practical sessions to help you gain your UKCC Level 2 coaching.

Structured learning sessions are delivered by qualified trainers, coaches and assessors on-site, and will be tailored to the level you are working at. These are UK-wide recognised qualifications used as a standard across the equine industry, and provide a solid base to build your knowledge and specifications.

Our new site is an accessible, sustainable community facility, designed to encourage the community to thrive both physically and emotionally. This site is entirely carbon neutral and we seek to inspire and educate all who attend on decisions they can make to benefit the planet and their futures.

All our electricity is produced by solar panels, with recycled rainwater providing water for all the fields and stables. We aim to recycle, reuse, and make the conscious choice to purchase from smaller, more sustainable companies that share our aims in environmental sustainability such as Splosh, and Propagation Place in Bristol.

Over our recent volunteering project ‘It’s All Happening Outdoors’, volunteers and staff clocked up over 900 collective hours, based at our new site and worked on the build and construction with reclaimed wood, recycled planets, and natural insulation. Over 2000 trees and plants were planted in the fields and around the rest of the site and boundaries to both provide natural screening and fencing.

The newest project in the pipeline works towards the expansion of our kitchen garden, with the aim to not only allow people the chance to get out and learn some new skills but to provide fresh and seasonal produce to those in the community who may not always have that chance. Our Youth Club is starting the build of a new nature pond, to increase the biodiversity of the area and outdoor educational opportunities.

It is impossible to consume ethically under capitalism, however, we can all take steps to work towards a sustainable environment that will benefit generations to come. When looking at new projects or sourcing materials, ESR strives to support local small businesses to reduce travel miles and boost the community economy.

Theory of Change

Our theory of change model - how we make a difference to our community and our benefactors

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Depending on the funding available, we offer a range of free spaces for training and courses for children, young people, families and volunteers. Referrals from parents, schools, local councils, social workers and NHS can be taken, please contact us via email or phone.

“There’s something very peaceful about being present with kids, with no pressures or expectations on anyone. Just facilitating them being themselves, which in this world must be very difficult.”