Community Consultation

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Through our Impact Funding initiative, we successfully orchestrated a pivotal community dialogue centred around the essentials of democracy. This gathering provided a platform for sharing insightful perspectives, thereby enriching both decision-making processes and community involvement. The event saw a turnout of 34 varied local community members, delving into three critical topics: fostering accountability within decision-making entities, the significance of community events in engaging locals for oversight and future planning, and exploring further avenues to amplify community involvement in decision-making.

The outcomes of this conversation revealed a strong community yearning for trustworthiness and responsibility among decision-makers, an emphasis on inclusivity and fostering a sense of community spirit, and the recognition of the value brought by community contributions. Among the key recommendations were the effective utilization of local meeting spaces, ensuring accessible transportation and diverse channels for participation, upholding professional standards, and crafting events that are both welcoming and add tangible value to the community.

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