Reflecting on a Year of Growth and Recognition: Our 2023 Milestones

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As we look back on 2023, it's with a deep sense of pride and gratitude that we share the significant strides our organization has made over the past year. Our journey has been marked by notable achievements and recognition, underscoring our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and social responsibility. Here's a glance at some of our key milestones:

Joining Forces with the Scottish Care Alliance

A pivotal moment for us this year was becoming members of the Scottish Care Alliance. This partnership reflects our dedication to enhancing care standards and contributing to the well-being of our community, aligning with like-minded organizations committed to excellence in care.

Celebrating Sustainability: Finalist in the Going Green Awards

Our environmental initiatives received noteworthy recognition as we were named finalists in the Going Green Awards. This accolade highlights our efforts in promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship within our operations and the broader community.

Spotlight on Leadership: Our Founder's Presentation

A highlight of the year was our founder's presentation at the Wooden Spoon Annual Charity Auction, where they shared insights into our mission, impact, and the transformative power of our programs, inspiring attendees and garnering support for our cause.

Empowering Future Careers: Certified Provider for Career Ready Placements

2023 saw us becoming a certified provider for Career Ready placements, enabling us to offer valuable work experience and mentorship to young individuals, preparing them for successful futures in their chosen careers.

Recognition in Health and Wellbeing

Our dedication to promoting health and well-being was recognized at the Social Enterprise Scotland Awards, where we were finalists in the Health and Wellbeing category, a testament to our innovative programs and their positive impact on participants' physical and mental health.

Championing Resilience: Finalist for Woman in Business Award

Our resilience in navigating challenges and driving forward our mission earned us a finalist position for the Resilient Business category in the Woman in Business Awards, celebrating our strength and adaptability in the face of adversity.

Commitment to Trauma-Informed Practices

This year, we were certified as a trauma-informed business provider, reinforcing our pledge to offer a safe, understanding, and supportive environment for all our clients and staff, informed by the latest in psychological research and best practices.

Advocating for Fair Wages: Certified Living Wage Provider

Becoming a certified Living Wage Provider was another significant achievement, underscoring our belief in fair compensation for all employees and our commitment to fostering a supportive and equitable workplace.

Leading in Inclusivity: Finalist for Neurodiverse Champion for Employment

Our efforts to create an inclusive, supportive work environment were recognized as we became finalists for the Neurodiverse Champion for Employment award, reflecting our dedication to embracing and supporting neurodiversity in the workplace.

As we celebrate these achievements, we remain committed to building on this momentum, continuously striving for excellence, innovation, and positive impact. We look forward to what the future holds and to sharing our journey with our valued community. Thank you for your ongoing support and for being a part of our story.