Sebastian’s Story

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Sebastian, who has Dystonic cerebral palsy, & his sisters started at ESR in April 2019.

“As well as knowing how good riding is for his core strength, I was looking for an activity that my children could all do together. ESR has benefitted all of my children much more than I ever imagined” said his mum Stephanie

Dani has listened carefully to Sebastian's strengths and weaknesses, whilst teaching him like an ordinary child. He now rides independently and is currently getting to grasp with rising trot… something I never thought would be possible. Sebastian is so strong (his riding being a big contributing factor) that he can climb down the stairs at home himself and get himself up from the floor independently. His core strength, posture, weight shift/reciprocal movements and length of stride have all improved dramatically since riding.

Dani doesn’t just teach him to ride, she includes Sebastian in feeding, grooming and turning out the horses with all the other children which he enjoys tremendously.

It’s been a fabulous social point for Sebastian where he has felt fully included, this also has brought on his confidence with speech. His sisters have found a second home at ESR, they now loan ponies and have become much more confident young ladies, this confidence has carried over to other sports at school and they have now made it onto the netball and hockey teams. The girls find the stables a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors, away from the pressures of school and social media that young people have to deal with today. They are both happier and healthier children from being around the ponies and all the other girls their age.