First Time EFL Story

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Mother; You have a lovely way of explaining the process, without revealing that made me feel comfortable about what was about to happen, even if I really wasn’t sure what would happen.

As someone who likes to do things right, be great the first time around etc. I appreciated and liked the way we then moved to the horses in the field. I have to admit I was really nervous about being that close to horses, not knowing what they would do. When the horse came towards me, I actually felt relieved about not having to stand in the field looking lost – the decision had been made for me. Again, I really didn’t know what to do – I was looking for the right way of doing it. I’m glad you didn’t give us direction, just the boundaries of what we could / shouldn’t do etc. That meant that I had more to mull over, which was perfect.

Sharing the experience with my daughter was really quite special. I think we do have an open and honest relationship and I’m not afraid to be me in front of her. On the car home I told her how the experience made me feel ‘insignificant’. What I gained from it as well, was really hearing what is going on inside her head. She does tell me when she wants to, and I will ask. But being with a neutral person, I found out even more about her, helped by us being in a lovely safe space.

Daughter; When we went up to the horses in the field I felt the one I picked had a very strong aura, she was a dark blue cooler but it wasn’t a sad blue it was confident and protective and when we went to the one inside their aura was a green shade I felt they were more open and happy for us to be near.

I think I found interacting with the horses the best for me because when I did the listening and grounding, I didn't feel very ‘grounded’, I’m in my head and trying to concentrate which I don’t think makes me relax. But when I was near them I wasn’t in my head I was focusing on them.