AL's Story

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AL is a 22-year-old woman from Eyemouth, coming from a deprived family with divorced parents, with addiction, physical and mental health issues in the family, suffering from severe mental health issues, learning difficulties, trauma from childhood sexual abuse and ongoing emotional abuse. She is currently homeless and stuck in a situation which is not helping mental health issues.

AL started attending ESR after her younger brother had been attending a programme for alternative education. She initially started as a volunteer 3 months ago and began to attend a funded biweekly programme to improve communications and life skills. She was then offered a place on a No-one Left Behind Agreement which adapted her work hours around necessary appointments and calls and allowed her a return to employment with less pressure and an allocated support worker.

AL feels that ESR has brought her a large improvement in communication skills, leading to better social skills and a reduction in the feeling of social isolation. We have seen that she is maintaining good working and social relationships with colleagues and volunteers, and is becoming very clear in her communication. AL shows a massive increase in her confidence and self-esteem, managing to take on increased responsibility in her work life.

She has told us that being involved with ESR has brought an improved quality of life through education, skill-boosting and well-being opportunities that have led to feeling more empowered to make positive changes to help and build a more stable future. AL says that this has boosted her motivation to make a change and achieve more in life. She works hard to learn new skills and is making an effort outside of her workday to work towards online courses that bring interest and variety to her role. This has led to AL having greater satisfaction in life and feeling that her efforts are worthwhile and rewarding.

ESR is always supportive of AL and offers continuous help and guidance without judgement. ESR helps push for making changes, which may be difficult at the time, but build a positive long-term outcome, but without AL feeling forced or coerced.